DITS Boutique Dreams come true Giveaway

The lovely Kirsty at Diamond In The Sky Boutique has kindly provided not one necklace but two for a give away

Prize one

The silver Bow and Eiffel tower necklace

Prize two

The Alice drink me and imagine necklace

To win either of the gorgeous necklaces all you have to do is comment this post telling me what your dream is and how you plan to make it happen. I will pick two winners at random. The closing date is the 1st February and I will notify and announce the winner on the 2nd

Come one girlies, what’s your biggest dream? A huge career, a family. It can be as serious or as silly as you like!


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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32 Responses to DITS Boutique Dreams come true Giveaway

  1. rachel says:

    my dream is to be a photographer for Vogue ❤

  2. Louise Hendy says:

    I’ve had this “dream” since I was 14 or 15 and what I want to do more than anything is to go to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday. I want to go out there and do the whole casino and gambling and drinking thing. I know I’m living in a very Hollywood mindset but I think it would be amazing and so different to what other people do. I’ll be very disappointed in myself if I don’t do it when I’ve wanted to for so long.
    I picture it with just me and one of my best friends and it’s a bit “What happens in Vegas” in my head… but without the whole marrying a stranger thing. I think I’d get disowned if I did that. But is that part of the “Vegas experience” too?!

  3. musak. says:

    my dream;
    my dream is to become a musical theatre performer. and i’m going to make it happen by just pursuing it how i have been my entire life. i’ve spent 6 years at a theatreschool and i’ve performed in 3 west theatre productions already. i absolutely love it, and i couldn’t think of anything better to do with my life. it’s the one place i feel like i can be myself, and just, the stage gives me a buzz that you can’t imagine. it’s the one thing i’m never going to give up, it’s my dream, and i’m going to do whatever it takes, for however long it takes to get that.

  4. Sammi says:

    My dream since i was 5 years old was to help people but it was until i was 16 and i went to work in a day centre for elderly that i realized what way i wanted to do it. it was there i met some amazing inspiring people, people who without even knowing it changed my life. i wanna work with people with mental health issues. In the day centre i worked with ladies and gents with dementia, parkinsons and other sorts. When i think of this i get so excited that helping people is my future 🙂 my granpa who i was always so close to was diagnosed with parkinsons last year and since then i have raised over £3000 doing allsorts and i hope to continue this doing different things for different charities.

    p.s awesome comp 🙂

  5. Kaytee says:

    My main dream is to live in America. I’ve always wanted an appartment in New York, it just looks like a cool place to live. I want to meet someone there and hopefully get married and have children. When i have a family i want to move to a nice house in the suburbs, one with a huge garden, yet still be quite close to the city. My other dream is to work for a magazine, either writing articles or photography.

  6. Katie says:

    My dream;

    Well, I would like to be either a professional dancer or an actress (in films/stage/tv – not fussy); I’ve wanted to do this since I was about 7 when I found out that being a nurse meant that you could be dealing with blood. I’d like to have 2 or 3 kids & find that amehzing boy that I hope should pop up sometime this decade as I’d like kids in my 20’s, and live in New York or Los Angeles. Haha, and another small wee bit of a dream that I’d love; a bigger bedroom, it’s been in my dreams since I realised my room is small :’). I want to go to Uni in New York or LA & then just stay living there. But I’m going to do whatever it takes as I do want to end up on stage & do computing/reception work (yes i really want to be a hotel receptionist haha weird me!) in my spare time.

  7. My dream this year is to finally get to Paris this year with my best friend; see the original Chanel shop, take lots of photos, take in the wonder of Versaille, see the Degas paintings and as a Phantom of the Opera lover I want to view the opera house!

    Long term my dream is to get married and have babies at one point. Lots of guinea pigs would be nice too. 🙂 I’m really maternal and I guess traditional. Though not in a rush I am looking forward to settling down whilst
    having a career as an artist, portraits seem rather appealing at present. That would be perfect. 😀 Ahh I feel all soppy now.

    Florrie x

  8. Megan says:

    My dream is to one day tell David Tennant that I love him and that if he ever feels lonely he can give me a call. 😉 And I want a David hug to. And to run with him in a long coat and converses. Ah. That is my dream

    Also I’d quite like to have a big family with lots of kids and I want my home to always be full of children and people and animals.


  9. Bethan says:

    My ultimate dream is to have many many babies.
    The one I’m focussing on at the moment, though, is to spend a summer in LA. I feel something pulling me towards there, so I want to go and see what it is, what makes it so special.

    How am I going to achieve these? Please, you tell me!

  10. Claire says:

    I think at the moment it would have to be becoming a proper music journalist.

    At uni studying it just now, but I want to finally have the degree and get recognised for my work. I’m still not sure what route I want to take in relation to music journalism but I’d love to become renowned and taken seriously for my work.

    I guess this is a huge dream at the moment, as there is so many journalists out there and more up and coming ones, so I’ll need to try my hardest to get somewhere with it.

    To do this I plan to just get through my degree, gaining as much experience as possible as I go along with it,then hopefully get a place in whatever route I take as soon as possible and work my way up to hopefully the top!

  11. Rachel says:

    this is going to be HARD

  12. Emily says:

    I absolutely adore the Paris necklace – if I don’t win I may have to buy it anyway!!

    I am utterly in love with all things Paris at the moment! My dream is to live in the city for at least three months at some point. I have lived abroad twice before and get a yearning every few years to go away again. It’s a great way to start over. This time might be harder with a man in tow but I intend to live abroad just one last time before I settle down for good. At least one last time!

    :)) xxx

  13. well done Rachel! lots of entries already and some great responses! Thanks everyone.. I love reading them! xxx

  14. Sarah says:

    My dream is to at some point live abroad as would love to have the experience of it. Working in New York would be the ultimate dream, who knows it might happen?

    I hope so x

  15. Kelly says:

    My ultimate dream is to be a publisher writer, going wherever inspiration takes me!
    As I never went on holidays abroad when I was younger, I have a big wish to drive across America in a bright red Chevy, to big cities like New York and little hamlets one would never normally see, and putting it all down on paper!!
    I’m at uni studying English now, so who knows where the future will take me 🙂 x

  16. Haley Marvo says:

    My dream has always been to be a paprazii to see all celebs and go to all boss places all over the world :’) x

  17. Rachel says:

    My Dream has remained the same since i was 5 years old..to teach!!
    I am half way there with the qualification but cannot find a teaching post! So am currently stuck in an education job i hate for a company which doesn’t care! This year i hope to finally get my teaching job and teach quality lessons the way it should be!!

  18. Amy CT says:

    Wow, Rachel, this is such an amazing idea!

    Well, my biggest dream in life is to be a professional columnist at a national newspaper (well, OK, I want to write for the g2…), but I’d really love any break into journalism.

    I’m already working on it, though; as you know, I run BSB, and write for quite a few websites. I’m going to study English Lit and History at university next year (if I go to Durham, which I hope I will, we’ll have to go shopping together some time!), and then do an MA in journalism.

    Who knows? It might happen.

    My biggest dream full stop (not just for me, but for the world) is equality; I’m a feminist, I suppose… but sometimes I think otherwise. A lot of feminism seems to be about being better than men, but to me, it’s not; it’s about everyone being equal.

    How I will make *that* happen, I have no idea. 🙂

    “I guess I’ll just keep dreaming now,
    Because I know you never will,
    You never did… you never did”
    — My Revenge, by meee! 🙂

  19. Lisa says:

    This is really geeky, but I want a job in Scottish politics. I’m studying politics and journalism at Uni now and more than anything I would love to work for the civil service at Holyrood or in any sort of political agency.
    I love Scotland and want to be a part of its future. I want to get up in the mornings, go to work, and be really involved with what happens in my fantastic wee country.
    Maybe one day I’ll be First Minister…but probably not lol.
    (oh and my second dream is to stay in the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris… not much difference eh)

  20. Abbie says:

    my dream is to become a fashion designer . i am obsessed with fashion . it is my LIFE!i want to work hard and become a famous fashion designer. i want to move t america, marry the man of my dreams(i need to meet him 1st) and i want to have kids and grow old together . i want to make plenty of money so my kids will want for nothing and enough to support them because my mum hasnt got much money at the minute and she has 2 jobs trying to pay for everything for me and my sister.

  21. Loo says:

    My Dream would be to be a Make up artist for horror movies! Sounds wrong I know but I just think it would be awesome to be able to do horror effects on people and to be able to see then before and after with such a difference! I have done a course on make up for First Aiders exams, as in when first aiders have their exam to qualify, they have to deal with a fake situation which can be a casualty with a open fractures leg to a serious head injury and that was great. I am an ODP which means i work in the operating theatre in hospital which also means I get to see a lot of rel injuries and can think of how I would make it up out of fake blood, perspex, silcone etc. So yeh, theres my dream! LMAO
    I also would like to get married to my partner and have lovely, healthy babies! Thats hopefully more achievable!! x

  22. Alli-May says:

    My dream. My dream is to complete my novel. I’m constantly stopping and starting or just completely deleting the whole thing. I’m never happy, I’m extremely picky just the smallest of details within my writing can set me off. I want to be a published author by the time I’m 21. That’s my dream.

  23. Kar says:

    I don’t know what my dream is…. :L How sad!

  24. Holly says:

    My dream is to be a Musician. You know, signed to a record label, working with artists that have inspired me, singing to thousands of people one night, and then singing to a small group of 20 the next, headlining my own tour, breaking America… that kind of Musician. I dont care about the fame. All I want is to be recognised for my music, and to hopefully inspire and help people through it.

    This has been my dream since I was about 6 and I’m not prepared to give up on it. I may not be the best singer in the world, but I know I have SOMETHING, and I’ll continue to work until i get where I want to be. Posting videos on youtube and getting feedback is where I’ve started. Next month I’m doing my verrrry first appearance on stage at a pub in my town, with a friends band.

    Everything is looking up! 😀

  25. Amy says:

    I love the ALICE necklace.

    My dream is to..win this contest and to make it happen by entering. Just kidding (sort of!)

    My dream is to publish a book, and I’m working on the beginnings of that dream by actually writing the book. 🙂

  26. My biggest dream would to be a make up or hair artist as I love all the diffrent styles you can do you can go tottaly out there with bright colours or simply go with a nude look using pale colours I plan to do this by taking a hair and beauty diploma course for the next two years then starting off by trying to get a job doing make up for stage productions and just seeing where it goes from there (: x

  27. leanne says:

    My dream is 2 b a fashion desiger as I lv fashion so much I lv makin things dat r funky an so u stand out in a crowd, I lv makin people look good, I would lv at sum time in my life 2 be in new york desiging bigger an better things, 4 all big stars, I would lv 2 get all the homless people off the streets and give them a big make over and u never no they could be da next big think, my aim in life is 2 give people chances, I think this is a great comp, an I would really lv 2 win da paris chain as its so cute an would go lovely with my new jumper trhat as the same logo haha thak u 4 this chance xxxx

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  29. I have a dream, which is only realised when no one else is around…I like to sing, and I can sing, I just don’t have the confidence to go out there and sing in front of people..so my dream would be to have the confidence to sing to people…. x

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