Retail therapy

Although I have been really rundown this weekend, my parents took me for a brief shop this afternoon. And when I say brief I mean matalan then home. But I still managed to get a skirt which I will be wearing on my birthday for those few of you there.I cant take any photo’s because at this current time I look like death warmed up, so instead I’ve made a similar looklet.

My skirt it slightly more rounded and silky with pockets.

I’ll be wearing the Alphabetights though.

And I want to leave you with this image from Fueled by Photos

This is devoted to my Body Image Season girls Amy, Claire, Florrie, Emily and Jo Anne

And to you guys, my lovely readers as you are all gorgeous inside and out

I’m off to go drool over Jeremy on dancing on ice get some rest


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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6 Responses to Retail therapy

  1. kerri. says:

    that skirt is lovely and the tights are awesome (y)
    you’ll look amazing on your birthday ❤

  2. Katie says:

    hahah loving the ending line 😉
    offt, your loving those tights (:

  3. Anne Agoren says:

    You are so funny, get some rest and hope you feel better for your birthday! much love to you xx

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