When Rachel met Katie Mackay of What Katie Wore

Katie Mackay is the fabulously unique face of What Katie Wore, a site set up by her boyfriend Joe at the start of 2009. Starting off as a challenge between the two it quickly became popular and has appeared in many a publication. But now that the end of the year long challenge is in site I caught up with Katie herself to find out her high points of the year and what 2010 held.

When did you first realise how popular it was becoming?
At the start I thought that we’d do it for a couple of weeks and then Joe would tire of it, but very quickly we were getting hits in their hundreds every day. We were amazed, but then a freelance journalist got in touch to ask if she could do an interview and before we knew it we got three whole pages in Grazia! That was unbelievable! We were over-the-moon, and it was then that the popularity of the blog sky rocketed. We were on holiday in Mexico when the Grazia article came out and we were overwhelmed by the wonderful comments and messages we got, as well as the huge increase in visitors we got.

What Is the best part about appearing in the blog?
I think the best bit is knowing how happy the blog has made so many people; it’s really something to get all the comments and messages from people who say that the blog has inspired them to be more daring with their clothes. It makes me really happy that WKW might have made people feel they can wear brighter colours and patterns, or that there’s no reason to feel that getting dressed in the morning should be about anything more than making you happy, something to enjoy and to play with.
What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers who may be inspired by What Katie Wore?
Joe and I always say the same thing when we’re asked this one; think of your blog as a conversation with your audience. So, if you get comments and emails then reply to as many as you can, and give your readers interesting things to read and to look at so they want to come back to you. And link to other sites from your blog too; it’ll help with your google position while also making it easy for your readers to find the brands and things you’re writing about.
Which outfits were your favourites?
Oh I don’t know! When I look back over the blog even I’m surprised by some of the outfits I’ve put together, but I really don’t know if I could pick some favourites. Like the choices I made each day as to what I was going to wear, I think it really depends on my mood!

Looking back now are there any you would cringe at?

Oh lots! But I know that I loved every single outfit the day I wore it, so I don’t think I should really cringe too much at any of them. And I guess playing dress up is kind of what fashion is all about for me so it’s right that I should look back and think that some outfits are more than a little bizarre!
As readers of your blog will know, it was set up for a year So what does 2010 hold for what katie wore?
Well, we’re currently running the WKW Challenge asking our readers to send us photos of them wearing an outfit that makes them really happy so we’ll be showcasing their photos next week after the last day of the WKW Challenge. And after that? Well, I think you’ll just have to wait and see! xxx

Check out the blog What Katie Wore, for the rest of the images


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