Weekly housekeeping

I’ve decided to change the name of this, new year new category. So this will be the place to update you all on whats happening, what I think you need to know and where I will reccomend a few things too.

[some taken from the deleted update of saturday]

I have just had a look at my blog stats and discovered I’ve hit another 1000! you guys are bloody awesome I love every single one of you.

As you all know by now I won BSB’s blog of the month and am now a contributing intern for the site, but I also came third in the christmas competition meaning I won a £15 Coco Rose voucher and a lovely Strawberry bag like this:

Still on the sbuject of BSB I would like to remind you all about Body Image season in which we are hoping to spread the word to other girls about feeling happy about ourselves regardless of size, shape, race, hair or skin colour. Yesterday Amy  finished the launch Video, but if you would like to submit your favourite picture of yourself and/ or a short clip explaining what makes you unique you can email them to either amy at amy.bsb@cybergal.com or myself at interns.bsb@cybergal.com

I did my first guest blog this week for Ruby Boutique, the piece was a sort of reflection on fashion of the decade and looking ahead to 2010 you can check it out here and it will be available for the whole of January on the newsletter.

Lastly my friend Charley has asked me to promote her youtube page CharleyMusic. In my opinion this girl has a fantastic singing voice with an amazing range. My favourite video of hers is this cover of McFly’s Not alone

Hope you have all by now recovered from New Year and ofcourse the saddest moment on TV, the tenth doctor dying *sob* I for one haven’t as far as the latter is concerned


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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5 Responses to Weekly housekeeping

  1. Kar says:

    Good blog lol as usual.
    OMG your friend Charley has an unreal voice!!! =O

  2. I love “Not Alone”.

    Yay on closet McFly fans…

  3. charley. says:

    ❤ love for you all.
    love you rachy.
    signing off, charleymusak.

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