Loving the covers

Yesterday Amy posted a feature on her favourite magazine covers so I thought I would share mine. Magazine covers are hugely important, they determine the popularity of the magazine. The cover stars are always a big talking point too.

Elle- October 2009

This cover was the famous Lily allen shoot in which she donned a blonde wig, it was also the Londom special and the previously shamed Pete Doherty illustrated the issue and designed the cover art.

Tatler- July 2008

This was the cover that helped Pixie step out of the shadows of her parents and her sister Peaches, Geordie Greig the editor of  Tatler said this of pixie after the shoot:

“She does not play the ‘I am the daughter of’ card. But her eloquence and direct manner are inherited from her dad, and her vital beauty very much from her mother.”

Rolling Stone- March 2003

When Avril first emerged on the music scene my attention was instantly caught, she was a rebel as far as pop music was concerned- well she was to my 14 year old self. This cover just shows her in all her glory.

Radio Times- June 2008

Ok don’t hate on the whovian! This was a big thing for me, Rose and Martha back for one of the best episodes since the series was revived. Also I was in hospital at the time so this really made me feel better.

So what are yours faves?


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9 Responses to Loving the covers

  1. Ida Marie says:

    good choices, i have no clue which covers I like hehe.. cause I don’t really read that many magazines 😛

  2. Jess says:

    OKayy so i know this is not related to this.
    (which i did read)
    but i badly need helpp 🙂

    my friends doing a fancy dress party next year.
    and i wanna go as a pirate.
    im not a dressy person, so i wanna try and incorporate trousers/jeans if pssible.

    and i dont wanna spend Loads. Any ideas?

  3. I love the Tatler one. 🙂
    I’ve been making a pile of my favourites for a while now so I ought to photograph and post them sometime!

    Florrie x

  4. Sammi says:

    Im loving the tatler one althought the radio times one does have our husband lol. great post babe xx

  5. Kaytee says:

    Great cover choices : ) i love Elle, such a good magazine.

  6. Alli-May says:

    This is a really great idea love …. My favourite is Glamours December 2009 issue at the moment with Leighton from Gossip Girl on it. She looks stunning!

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