This week I….

Oh look at me the bad bloggeress( yes thats my title, I’ve decided) it’s nearly the end of monday and I havent done this yet! I’m not actually sure what to write because alot of this weeks dealings are hush hush. But here goes, this week I….

…am loving a secret project (or two)

I know I’m such a tease posting this but I honestly can’t give away details.

All I will say is it’s big and could help me and the blog ALOT.

Watch this space

…want to go to Hogwarts

The reason behind this is not the Harry Potter DVD release.

On saturday I’m visiting Alnwick with my old creative writing group.

We’ll be going to the christmas market and book shops, sadly not Alnwick Castle.

….am feeling truly festive

The above picture incase you’re curious is my Grandad last christmas day (in his sunderland santa suit!)

I seriously just want christmas to hurry up now- the cards are sent, secret santa is packed off, the shopping is done.

That and I’m a big child really

….am in love with a geek

This geek- ok I know this mightn’t exactly come as a shock.

But I recently recieved a text from one of the besties Gemmy informing me just how much he is on tv over christmas

It’s alot.

…am toast

I recieved this cute “you’re toast”  Temp Sec necklace from my lovely friend bethan.

I think he’s actually gorgeous, she got a christmas dugong!

….STILL need your votes

Go on click on the picture to vote me as British Style Bloggers blog of the month.

Surely I don’t have to explain how much it means to me do i?


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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5 Responses to This week I….

  1. Jess says:

    I want to go hogwarts! 🙂
    it sounds like fun, your creative writing trip [;
    i hope you enjoy it xx

    love how youve managed to get david tennant into your blogs alot missus haha 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Ooooo secrets – lol!

    I want to go to Hogwarts! Enjoy your trip x

  3. Sammi says:

    i’ve been to alnwich castle 😀 && your grandads santa suit is stylish you need to do a whole post about him haha. your toast necklace is sooo adorable && i can’t wait to see YOUR (yes you win lol) hubby on TV over xmas.

  4. Rachel says:

    I ended up not going to alnwick 😦
    dont you worry love I’m going to do a big chritsmas post

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