Planet saver for five hours


So as you have may read, today was the day I took part in Fashion Activism to tie in with the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Meaning as challenged by Claire at BSB this morning I turned off my heating and dressed in my biggest and most fabulous winter woolies that I normally wouldn’t wear.

It just so happens though that the weather thought it would give me a helping hand too and made it the coldest day of the season so far, complete with fog and frost. So because of my rheinauds and arthritis I didn’t take part all day as I didnt want to put any strain on my body.

I told my dad about the project and he decided we should walk to the shops and town aswell cutting our carbon emissions more. I planned on carrying on for 6 hours (9-4) but my mother has just came home from work and put the heating and fire on!

So yeah I guess what you’re interested in the most is my outfit, so here it is:

I dug out my brown faux suede skirt which i havent worn since last year but is incredibly warm and comfy and team it with a red jumper both from matalan. Underneeth I wore  a pair of thick grey tights with black lace patterned tights on top and then some santa patterned bed socks on top (just for a festive touch!) For extra warmth instead of wearing my normal boots I wore my suede wedged boots from Faith, which I got as  present from a friend in the summer when she was having a clear out and havent yet had a chance to wear. On top of it all to keep me extra cosy I wore my big chunky wollen cardigan, fingerless gloves (both from primark) and a dogtooth scarf (matalan again)

I think my post also shows that aswell as helping save the planet you can save money on more affordable clothes.

I hope I’ve helped play my part towards bringing down climate change, I just wish I could have done it for longer.


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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2 Responses to Planet saver for five hours

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  2. Well done – looking stylish when it is that cold is quite a challenge!

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