Fashion Activism


It’s not often I give climate change lectures but we all know it is important. The weekend surrounding the 12th of December (that’s the one coming up) is international activism weekend to tie in with the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. So Claire at BSB has challenged all us British Style Bloggers on either friday the 11th or Saturday 12th to turn our heating off or down, and instead put together a fantastic outfit that will keep us warm at the same time. Break out all our vintage outfits that hardly get worn and cut down carbin emmisions at the same time.

Of course I’m in!

Unfortunately I have to think of my health first so my heating will be turned down low not completely as I have bad circulation and joints. But I do intend to spend tomorrow wearing my biggest clothes and comfiest jumpers complete with gloves and winter boots.

I’ll publish it tomorrow


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5 Responses to Fashion Activism

  1. Katie says:

    If I lived in a warm country I’d so do this!
    But here its freeeezing!
    And theres no setting to turn out heating down :/ ha!

  2. Claire says:

    Thanks so much for posting on this! And an ESPECIAL thumbs-up for participating despite bad circulation and joints! My mum suffers from the same, I know it’s no joke.

    Looking forward to seeing your post! :]

    • Rachel says:

      thank you claire, hope the project goes well. hope you have a good day doing it to. Like I’ve told a few friends I might not do this all day as I don’t want to cause myself too much pain but I’m gonna do it for as long as I can.

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