rules of winter fashion, actually written in winter

I know I’m a bit late but I just found the A-Z of winter style rules on the Times fashion site. On further inspection I realised this was wrote in November, which in my opinion is still Autumn so it’s more than possible that when writing this they were not taking ito account how bitterly cold the season can truly get

So here are my rules of winter fashion

Legs should not be blue (unless this is the colour of your tights)

In other words, tights are your friend.  If you’re going out during the day wear tights as thick as possible, in any pattern and colour you can. on a night a pair of black tights always adds sophistication to an outfit.

Pale is the new tan

It’s -2 degrees yet you’re walking around the high street with a tan that looks like you spent a month in the Bahamas. so ditch than tan, try a tinter mouisturiser if you can’t go cold turkey. Unless you actually have just spent the past month in the Bahamas, in which case don’t make me jealous.

Red is warmer than blonde

If you’re thinking of going for a new hair shade instead of going for your default blonde why not try a warm shade such as red or plum? Blonde seems harsh in these dull times whereas warm tones are more comforting.

Belt up

I know its easy to snuggle into your comfiest jumper until we see the sunshine again but don’t let it hide your shape, get a waist belt that will be comfortable, warm and still show off that gorgeous figure of yours!

forget the stilletos- at least during the day

yes they look gorgeous but do chilblains? Invest in some good boots, even with a heel if you need the elavation. Brown boots work well with tights.

Winter coats are supposed to be warm

Not a tiny jacket. long coats go well with shorts and dresses and colours like green red grey and black stand out more.

Sunglasses are for sunshine

winter is not the time for sunglasses, besides geek glasses make more of a statement. Unless you’re trying to look rock n roll, in which case you will just be pointed and laughed at.


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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2 Responses to rules of winter fashion, actually written in winter

  1. Jess says:

    Pale is the new tan :

    that bit made me laugh, i can imagine some girls in my college walking around looking like theyve spent several hours in a tanning bed :/
    and theres me, i look like a freaking vampire!
    Oh dear :/
    and im not a makeup person… so im glad pale is the new tan ( i can be a vampire)
    I prefer summer- i tan wonderfully. 🙂
    great job (Y) x

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