Lust list- this week I

I’ve decided this should become a weekly thing so here is my first proper offering, so This week i…

…am in love with this necklace

The To the land of Oz necklace, from Temporary Secretary. Sarah showed me the slipper gem last weekand that got my inner child excited enough! It is priced at £21

…want to learn french

Inspired by the this charming girl necklace I have a desire to learn french. C’est vraiment une belle langue. So far I’m surviving with Tweetdeck’s translator.

…want to marry this man

(linked cos its hot)

This everyone is the brazilian model Mateus Verdelho, and  quite frankly he is perfect isn’t he? from the range of pictures you find when you google him you will gather what sort of model he pretty much is. you’re welcome

…I am attending the gym

I know what you’re thinking, “urgh the gym” but I visited a one yesterday that was very laid back and rather affordable. I went to it today for the first time and it was so lovely. Wore a striped top, blue joggers and white plimsols. stlyish to the last yeah.

Also just a quick note about facebook- if you’re a fan of the blog I would love it if you carried on following and suggesting to your friends. However I am going to be a bit hit and miss on facebook for a little while, until a few personal problems have passed.

hope you all have a good week


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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2 Responses to Lust list- this week I

  1. blissbubbley says:

    I just googled Mateus and whoa he’s hot 😉

    Just gonna become a fan on facebook now. Great blog hun.

    I have my own here

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