Lady Ga Ga

Sorry but I feel GaGa needed her own post, I was planning doing a big one about different female style influences but she really does take the whole packet of custard creams. Not that I’m slating her style, I for one think shes fantastic because she’s giving other women the idea that they can dress how they feel, even if that does involve a piece of red netting covering ones face.

She started off with the hair bow, which astounded everyone as it was never quite clear whether it was her real hair, then out came the leotards. Personally my favourite GaGa stage as the Paparazzi stage when she went all monochrome. It really suited her

Lets see what else she has in store to shock us with next- Oh that would be the black net on face, wild hair and underwear other clothes outfit she wore to an NYC awards show. But seriously good on the GaGa, she is truly free to dress how she feels and she will always recieve the publicity she deserves.


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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