my entry for a cosmopolitan/ clothes show journalists comp

yeah well since I’ve got no chance I thought I’d post it here.

Ok my style, well if you were to ask my sister she would answer “what style?!” I think I basically wear items that are comfortable but I love. I would never spend too much on clothes but I get my inspiration from places such as top shop, warehouse and others then recreate the look with purchases from Primark, New Look and Matalan. As for my influences, I honestly can’t pick just one. My favourite items at the moment include sweaters worn as dresses, navy tights, pinafore dresses, black skinny jeans, shorts and tights, shirt dresses, leather boots, leopard print pumps, silver heeled black stilettos, shirts and tailored shorts and big prom dresses to name but a few.

Studying media at Newcastle College gives me a real insight into other people’s style; I love to see girls wearing anything they think expresses them as a person. Because that’s what style is all about isn’t it? Getting your image across to others, we only make one first impression so we have to pick our outfits carefully- especially us girls. For my of first day college I wore a blue and black striped jumper dress with a short coat, tights and boots. What impression does this give? That I’m shy but friendly and laid back. How about my half sized stiletto heels shirt and grey pants for a work interview? Well I think the grey pants instead of black makes me more memorable but that I still take the job seriously. I never plan my outfit the day before as I feel differently every day. Accessories really set off an outfit as they can complete and add that extra something to your style. My favourite pieces at the moment are a birdcage necklace, vintage cameo ring and faux pearl earrings

I suppose if I had to pick style influences I would chose Fearne Cotton, as Fearne is the girl every girl wishes to be isn’t she?! There’s no denying the girl has confidence in her body and knows what suits her shape, she like me dresses for comfort but she’s in touch with fashion and is still a bargain girl at heart. Fearne can dress well for any occasion, an awards ceremony to just lunch with friends. Fearne is a rock chick with girly extras; she experiments with different styles and never seems to put a foot wrong. She represents the perfect image of what girls under thirty aspire to be, happy.

So there you have it, this was such a difficult task. Basically because I don’t have a style icon, I don’t aspire to be anyone but me. Maybe with slightly better behaving hair and a hot boyfriend but other than that I like my style. My Style. Nobody else’s.

Having said that I’m currently studying Media at college and hope to next year study some aspect of fashion journalism at university. I think the prize to this competition would be a great help with my career.


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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3 Responses to my entry for a cosmopolitan/ clothes show journalists comp

  1. Leah says:

    I’ve been waiting to read your entry since you mentioned it online sweetheart, and it’s absolutely wonderful! Good luck in the competition!

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