indie destroyer primark, apparently

An article was brought to my attention this morning written by the “Retail guru” Mary Portas in which she attempts to tear a strip off the back of big value stores such as primark and supermarkets. She claimed that said stores had “bastardised” good taste and “annihilated” indie retailing.

I’m sorry but it’s ok for some one with Mary Portas’ income to say things like this as she doesn’t have any need to shop at value stores. For the student such as myself or other people in this economic down turn stores such Primark, Matalan, George at Asda and New Look are an affordable solution that still allows us to express our style. Independant stores are still a good source of inspiration, don’t get me wrong but are good retailers for special pieces. Not day to day wear.

It just seems to me that the “queen of shops” has forgot the golden rule of retail0 the customer is always right.


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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3 Responses to indie destroyer primark, apparently

  1. Bethan says:

    Primark and other similar shops force creativity, in my opinion. Everyone goes and buys the same thing, so you have to make an effort to make your version of it stand out from the crowd. It makes you strive to be the best dressed you can be with whatever resources you have.

    • Rachel says:

      exactly, you have to strive to make your look different and mary portas should be celebrating individual style not dismissing it

  2. Ian says:

    These shops like Primark are doing no harm, simply because fashion dies and stlye lives forever. There is a place for the stylish in any store….anywhere!

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