falling in love with winter

We’re still in autumn winter, meaning that it’s not time for full on jumpers nor still acceptable to wear the gladiators
Instead of paying far too much i find my inspiration then bargain shop in primark, matalan or market stalls where you can find much better things if you actually look.

So in late Autumn leading up to winter my key pieces are be wearing:
1. Black dress with white swallows pattern
2. Black, grey and navy tights/ leggings in varying thickness
3. Striped jumper dresses
4. Long cardigans- go lovely over the top of dresses or tee’s to complete an outfit
5. Black skinny legged jeans- worn with pumps, not converse
6. Brown boots with a good sole, perfect for icy days.
7. Short shorts- worn with tights
8. A square coat- covers you up but is’nt too heavy
9) fingerless gloves and a black pair- fingerless for when its not too cold, the black pair can go underneeth

These are what I’ll be wearing but what about you?


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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