A weighty issue

First of all I apologise if this causes any offense to anyone, but I just had to make a post about it.

I’m a naturally skinny girl, I weigh 7 and a half stone and have never been on a diet in my life -and no I wouldn’t diet to be this size if I wasn’t- but you know what, after years of hating my body through puberty I’m happy with my size. So one thing I will not let others do is make me feel bad simply because I’m thin, I’ve done nothing wrong, except be comfortable in my own skin . But of course there will always be some people who think that I deserve to be bullied and humilliated for my weight and I’m often told I’m “too thin” or “need to eat more”. Let me tell you that after years of trying to put weight on I’m proud of how much I weigh, yes I wouldnt mind weighing more but thats beside the point and I certainly dont need to eat more!

What eats me up the most about this is that people think its perfectly ok to say I’m “too skinny” or “need to get a few pies down my neck” but if I was to go up to a larger person and say “oi fatty” or “you need to cut down on the pies” I’d be verbally and maybe physically abused by said person and others around them. Clothing companies have a part to play aswell, they think its perfectly fine to make clothing for “shapely” woman but when size 4 or 6 clothing is produced then theres uproar becuase it promotes an “unhealthy body image” unhealthy body image?! What part of obesecity and clogged arteries is healthy?

Once again I dont mean to offend anyone or condone eating disorders but this isn’t right, I will not be chastised for my weight and neither should others in the same position. Women are each others worst enemy, we constantly knit-pick at other women about weight and style and what not. We should be happy for each other and strive together.


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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4 Responses to A weighty issue

  1. Katie says:

    Haha, oh this rings true to me! I was 7st when I was around your age and was often told I was too skinny (I’m 5’6″). Friends would even listen at my toilet door if we were out for food to make sure I wasn’t throwing my lunch up (I wasn’t). At one point I was turned away from giving blood as I was deemed underweight.

    That is all a distant memory. I’m now 9st and would love to be back to the weight I was when I was 21. Getting old sucks :p Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too skinny, as long as you’re comfortable in your skin that’s all that matters!! They’re probably just jealous anyway, I am 😉

    Katie xox

  2. tinyelk says:

    Rant warning. Ok, consider yourself warned.

    I completely take your point that everyone who is at a healthy weight for them should not be made to feel bad about the way they look, but in what way do clothing manufacturers actually make clothes for “shapely” women? Speaking as one, I’ll tell you now that you’re mistaken if you think there’s a bundle of choice out there.

    I hate how “curvy” and “shapely” actually mean fat nowadays: why have fat women coined these terms to classify themselves? Clothes, as far as I’ve noticed, are cut for pear-shaped women, and this is also unfair. That there are so many unique shapes out there should be celebrated, instead we are all pushed into the template of the middle-road. I would adore it if there were High Street options for clothes that fit my bust and waist properly, instead of straining at one and drowning the other. I have friends who would be thrilled if there were sections of shops where everything was in slim-cut.

    /rant fizzles out. Moral? Clothing manufacturers suck.

    • Rachel says:

      thank you so much for you comment I do agree that manufacturers should make clothes to fit but that wasnt really what I was getting at.

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